Step by step

After An Affair Of Love and Dead Man's Hand, Artémis Productions presents Step by St>ep, a full-length feature film written and directd by Philippe Blasband with Benoît Verhaert, Philippe Noiret, Yolande Moreau, Frédéric Bodson, Serge Larivière, ...

Three men in a hurry, attaché-case in hand.
Rue des Alouettes: a house, a happy family.
Three killers.
Dull sounds, several cartridges, blood and four corpses.

A questioning room, huge and overwhelming.
Two police inspectors. One suspect.
The presumed murderer: Hubert Verkamen.
An honest merchant.
So calm, so peaceful, so innocent.
A notorious dealer.

At his side, no lawyer.
But a presence, stylish, light, insubstantial.
A late veteran of the underworld, his mentor.

Close duels.
No mistake allowed.

The weapon : manipulation. The goal : domination.

The result : thrilling.

With the support of KBC Lease.